The truth is, there is no magic formula !
Do you know how to structure your Internet Department to make best use of your resources?
Is your current department underperforming?
Did you Internet Department come with a manual?
The truth is, there is no magic formula.
Each dealership and its specific set of circumstances dictate what approach will be most successful. I've worked with countless dealers in countless different situations.

Allow me help you define (or re-define) your Internet strategy, ensure you put the right personnel in the right positions, help you make better use of your marketing budget, and
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Sync My Ride

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SYNC My Ride

Features of SYNC Technology click here

SYNC makes it easy to take advantage of your phone's available features. Just connect your Bluetooth®-enabled phone and you can make calls, browse your phonebook, see your call log and more.

Most Bluetooth-enabled phones work with SYNC.
Say a simple command and SYNC will use your connected phone to make the call hands-free. You'll hear the person you are calling through your stereo speakers, and speak as if that person were sitting right next to you.

Hands-free Calling
Answer an incoming call with the push of a button. Make a call with the sound of your voice. Browse your phonebook, view your call log, place a call on hold - without ever touching your phone.

Audible Text Messages
With the touch of a button, SYNC will read incoming texts to you in an easy-to-understand voice. SYNC is even smart enough to translate commonly used phrases and emoticons such
as "LOL" and :).

SYNC with personalized Traffic, Directions and Info makes it easy to get the information you need, right when you need it. With advanced vehicle sensors, integrated GPS technology, and comprehensive map and traffic data, you'll have the info you need whenever you need it.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation
Need directions? No problem. SYNC with turn-by-turn navigation will get you where you want to go by delivering voice directions to your destination over your audio system's speakers.

Real-time Traffic
Just say "Traffic" and SYNC delivers helpful on-the-road information. Receive updates on the traffic conditions ahead or directions to where you're going right over your vehicle's sound system.

Email or Call Thomas for questions 1-888-509-1616

Email or Call Thomas for questions 1-888-509-1616

Email or Call Thomas for questions 1-888-509-1616

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